Session Chair Guide

Session chairs are kindly requested to help with the followings in chairing your session:

  1. Note the time allocated for each paper in your session. Each Long Presentation paper is allocated 25 minutes (20 minutes for the presentation, 4 minutes for discussions, and 1 minute for transition to the next speaker). Each Short Presentation or Special Session paper is allocated 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation4 minutes for discussions, and 1 minute for transition to the next speaker).
  2. Arrive at the room of the session 10 minutes before the session starts and identify each of the speakers for the session. A “Session Report Sheet” will be provided by our staff for you to fill during your session.
  3. Suggest each speaker to keep corresponding time for discussions (questions and answering), and for transition to the next presentation. If a presentation extends into the time for discussions, please shorten the discussions accordingly or postpone the discussions until after the session. Do not allow presentations or the subsequent discussions to spill beyond the starting time of the next presentation.
  4. If the presenter of a paper is absent (“no-show”), please continue to the next presentation. Please check again at the end of the last presentation whether the “no-show” shows up. Best efforts have been made to reduce the number of no-shows; however, they might not be eliminated.
  5. Complete your “Session Report Sheet” and return it to the registration desk after your session. This sheet is highly important to check “NO SHOW” presentations and to ensure the quality and success of DSAA.
  6. Each presentation room is equipped with a digital projector. If something does not work properly, please contact our operation staff in the room or reception for help.