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Isao Yagi, Yuji Masuda and Takanobu Mizuta. Detection of Factors Influencing Market Liquidity Using an Agent-based Simulation
Sunmi Lee and Chienhsing Wu. Korean Pop Culture Contents Consumption Behavior in Taiwan
Bingqing Shi, Rubing Dai, Bin Li, Junsheng Zhou, Yanhui Gu and Weiguang Qu. Research on Automatic Semantic Complement of Chinese Elliptical “的(de)” Structure
Eren Gultepe, Mehran Kamkarhaghighi and Masoud Makrehchi. Latent Semantic Analysis Boosted Convolutional Neural Networks for Document Classification
Ye Fan, Yuan Sun, Shiwei Ye, Pan Liao, Guiping Su and Yi Sun. Collaborative Stacked Denoising Auto-Encoders for Refining Student Performance Data
Tzulun Huang and Shih-Ming Kuo. Dual Effects of Google Searching on Equity Returns
Ji Zhang, Leonard Tan, Xiaohui Tao, Thuan Pham and Xiaodong Zhu. Detecting Relational States in Online Social Networks
Hsien-Te Kao, Homa Hosseinmardi, Shen Yan, Michelle Hasan, Shrikanth Narayanan, Kristina Lerman and Emilio Ferrara. Discovering Latent Psychological Structures from Self-report Assessments of Hospital Workers
Jose Joamir Espiritusanto de la Rosa, Katherine Andrea Cuartas Castro, I-Hsien Ting and Chienhsing Wu. Effect of culture on decision outcome: A Comparison between Dominican Republic and Taiwan
Rong Yue, Yidong Li, Tao Wang and Yi Jin. An Efficient Adaptive Graph Anonymization Framework For Incremental Data Publication
Shushan An, Yidong Li, Tao Wang and Yi Jin. Contact Graph based Anonymization for Geosocial Network Datasets
Ambre Davat, Véronique Aubergé and Gang Feng. Integrating Socio-Affective Information in Physical Perception aimed to Telepresence Robots
Guiming Cao, Alan Downes, Shuraia Khan, Wendy Wong and Guandong Xu. Taxpayer Behavior Prediction in SMS Campaigns
Zhaohui Chao and Lin Li. The combination of context information to enhance simple question answering
Ammara Habib, Saima Akbar, Muhammad Zubair Asghar, Asad Masood, Rahman Rahman Ali Rahman Ali Ali and Ulfat Batool. Rumor Detection in Business Reviews Using Supervised Machine Learning
Iqra Sana, Khushboo Nasir, Amara Urooj, Zain Ishaq and Ibrahim A Hameed. BERS: Bussiness-Related Emotion Recognition System in Urdu Language Using Machine Learning
Adam Butler, Guandong Xu and Katarzyna Musial. Research Performance Reporting is Fallacious
Rhys Biddle, Shaowu Liu and Guandong Xu. Semi-Supervised Soft K-means Clustering of Life Insurance Questionnaire Responses (Industry Track)
Masaki Satoh, Xiao Lin Wu and Takao Miura. Entropy-Based Model Selection Based on Pricipal Component Regression
Ka C. Chan, Xujuan Zhou, Raj Gururajan and Prabal Barua. A Set of Quality Metrics for the Evaluation of Voice Termination Services
Jaroslaw Kozlak, Anna Zygmunt, Bogdan Gliwa and Krzysztof Rudek. Dynamics of social roles in the context of group evolution in the blogosphere
Anam Habib, Furqan Khan Saddozia, Anum Sattar, Aurangzeb Khan, Ibrahim A. Hameed and Fazal Masud Kundi. User Intention Mining in Bussiness Reviews: A Review
Jiaxing Chen, Yanghui Rao, Runxuan Chen, Qi Dai, Xiaofeng Li and Ruixin Wang. Attributed Network Embedding with Data Distribution Adaptation
Jian Dong, Bin Chen, Fang Zhang, Liang Liu, Chuan Ai and Danhuai Guo. Analysis of the Reasons for Unbalanced Distribution of Dockless Bike Sharing
Zhongxuan Lin, Meiqi Sun, Lingnan He, Shuqing Gao and Kaisheng Lai. Influence of economic development on prosocial tendencies in social media: A big-data analysis of 95 Chinese cities
Xling Xiong, Xiaofeng Li, Ruixin Wang, Haiting Wu and Lingnan He. Collective Attention in WeChat Public Platform
Thuan Pham, Xiaohui Tao, Ji Zhang, Jianming Yong, Wenping Zhang and Yi Cai. Mining Heterogeneous Information Graph for Health Status Classification
Tian Lan and Tuo Liu. Differential Item Functioning (DIF) analysis for large social survey data: a method detecting valuable information in big-data era.
Imran Ahmad, Tahir Ali, Atiq Ur Rehman and Shahid Kamal. Understanding Customer Experiences through Social Media Analysis of Three Giants of Soft Drink Industry
Tahir Ali, Imran Ahmad, Arooj Aslam and Shahid Kamal. A Comparative Analysis of Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants through Text Mining
Jing Zhou, Jianing Tang, Jue Zhou, Ziyue Zhu and Tian Xie. Materialistic vs. Meaningful Festival Celebration for Children on Sina Microblog
Yu-Chuan Tsai, Shyue-Liang Wang, I-Hsien Ting and Tzung-Pei Hong. Flexible Anonymization of Transactions with Sensitive Items
Yu-Fei Lin, Wei-Ho Chung and Yeong-Luh Ueng. Stock pricing via Recurrent Neural Network with multi-step and first order difference approach
Runxuan Chen, Haoran Xie, Jiaxing Chen, Yanghui Rao, Yingchao Zhao and Fu Lee Wang. Extractive Adversarial Networks for Network Embedding
Mu-En Wu and Pang-Jen Hung. A Framework of Option Buy-Side Strategy with Simple Index Futures Trading Based on Kelly Criterion
Chun-Hao Chen, Bing-Yang Chiang and Tzung-Pei Hong. An Approach for Optimizing Group Stock Portfolio Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Wee Pheng Goh, Xiaohui Tao, Ji Zhang, Jianming Yong, Yongrui Louie Qin, Aimin Hu and Elizabeth Zhixin Goh. Exploring the Use of a Network Model in Drug Prescription Support for Dental Clinics