Dr. Ingmar Weber
Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI)

Short bio:

Ingmar Weber is the Research Director for Social Computing at the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). His interdisciplinary research looks at what online user-generated data can tell us about the offline world and society at large. Working closely with sociologists and demographers he has pioneered the use of online advertising data for complementing official statistics on international migration, digital gender gaps, and poverty. His work is regularly featured in UN reports, and analyses performed by his team have been used to improve operations by UN agencies and NGOs ranging from Colombia to the Philippines. Prior to joining QCRI, Dr Weber was a researcher at Yahoo Research Barcelona. As an undergraduate he studied mathematics at the University of Cambridge before pursuing a PhD at the Max-Planck Institute for Computer Science. He is an ACM, IEEE and AAAI Senior Member and serves as an ACM Distinguished Speaker.

Keynote Title: Using Data of Billions of Social Media Users to Monitor Sustainable Development

Prof. Christian Montag
Department of Molecular Psychology, Institute of Psychology and Education, Ulm University, Ulm, Germany

Short bio:

Christian Montag received his diploma in psychology in September 2006. In 2009 he achieved his PhD degree on his psychobiological works testing Gray’s revised reinforcement sensitivity theory. In 2011 he got the venia legendi for psychology. Since September 2014 he is Professor for Molecular Psychology at Ulm University, Germany. Since 2016 he is also Visiting Professor at the NeuScan-Lab/Key Laboratory for Neuroinformation, UESTC in Chengdu, China. Christian Montag is interested in the molecular genetics of personality/emotions and affective neuroscience. He combines molecular genetics with brain imaging techniques such as structural/functional MRI to better understand individual differences in human nature. Adding to this he conducts research in the fields of Neuroeconomics and (Internet) addiction including new approaches from Psychoinformatics. He published numerous papers in peer-reviewed international journals and serves as member on several editorial boards of international scientific journals. His recent book “Animal Emotions” has been published with Punctum Books. Christian Montag is among the developers/visionaries behind several online-platforms/apps including Insights (, and

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Keynote Title: Applying digital phenotyping and mobile sensing strategies to combat Internet Use Disorders