Best Paper Award

Paper #6384. Yao Dong, Jin Shi, Yahan Deng, Yongfeng Dong and Ziqiu Wang, DASCDC: Dual Attention-based Sparse Common Deep Clustering Method

Best Student Paper Award

Paper #4242. Masanori Hirano and Kiyoshi Izumi, Parameter Tuning Method for Multi-agent Simulation using Reinforcement Learning

Best Paper Runner-up Award

Paper #2400. Zongxi Li, Haoran Xie, Fu Lee Wang, Weiming Wang and Man Kong Chow, Identify Students at Risk Based on Behavioural Patterns in Continuous Assessment

Paper #2291. Osama Moussa, Sameha Alshakhsi, Dena Al-Thani and Raian Ali, Can Operational Transparency Enhance the Perception of Waiting Time: the Case of Healthcare Sector

Best Student Paper Runner-up Award

Paper #7091. Tamara Abdulmunim Abduljabbar, Xiaohui Tao, Ji Zhang and Xujuan Zhou, A Secured Movie Recommendation System using Decentralized Blockchain Network

Paper #8709. Leping Zhang and Hao Chen, An Integrative Analysis: What Cultural Factors Protect Us Against the COVID-19 Indeed?

Distinguished Reviewers

Shuiqiao Yang, University of New South Wales, Australia

Dawei Xu, UTS, Australia

Raian Ali, HBKU, Qatar

Khaldoon Dhou, Texas A&M University Central Texas, USA

Wang Gao, Jianghan University, China

Yi Cai, South China University of Technology, China

Kulwadee Somboonviwat, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Hongzhi Yin, University of Queensland, Australia