Workshop #1: The International Workshop on Multimodal Information Analysis in Social Media (MIASM 2024)

Introduction: A social media analysis task usually involves processing of multimodal information in order to obtain valuable insights about the data, a situation, or a higher-level activity. Examples of social media analysis tasks include semantic concept detection, audio-visual speaker detection, human tracking, event detection, etc. The existing literature on multimodal fusion research in social media is presented through several classifications based on the fusion methodology and the level of fusion (such as feature-level, decision-level, and hybrid). In this workshop, we welcome the research works aiming to solve the issues related to multimodal information analysis in social media.

Organizers: Yi Cai, Junying Chen, Zhenguo Yang, Yanghui Rao, and Jiexin Wang

Website: https://yongyongbuyong.github.io/workshop

Workshop #2: The International Workshop on Knowledge-enhanced Intelligent Computing in Healthcare (KICH 2024)

Introduction: Introducing knowledge into data-driven intelligent computing models to enhance their reliability and interpretability is an important way to achieve human-machine hybrid intelligence; Smart healthcare is an interdisciplinary field, which is a product of the cross fusion of various disciplines such as healthcare, informatics, knowledge engineering, computer science, intelligent computing, etc. The field of smart healthcare has high requirements for the interpretability of methods, and knowledge enhanced intelligent computing are perfectly matched with it. This workshop aims to provide a unique forum for experts in computer science, information science, healthcare and other interdisciplinary fields to gather for discussions on knowledge-enhanced intelligent computing in healthcare. Knowledge-enhanced intelligent computing in healthcare can improve the accuracy and reliability of AI-aided healthcare decision support, therefore, it can also hopefully provide insights to enhance the development of decision analytics in a broader sense.

Organizers: Enliang Yan and Tao Zhang

Website: https://kic-h.github.io/2024/

Workshop #3: Intelligent Models for Language and Cross-Cultural Education

Introduction: The BESC 2024 Workshop on Intelligent Models for Language and Cross-Cultural Education aims to bring together experts and scholars from diverse fields to explore the intersection of language learning, cross-cultural understanding, and the application of intelligent technologies in education. This Workshop provides a platform for discussing how we can harness these advancements to enhance language acquisition, foster deeper cross-cultural awareness, and create more inclusive and effective educational environments.

Organizers: Jiasheng Hu and Yuanyuan Mu

Website: http://besc-conf.org/2024/workshop-1