All Schedule times are listed in Local Doha Time (GMT+3)

29 Oct

Session Chair Qatar Time GMT+3 Time (hour:min) Presentation Title
Anke Gorzig and George Mikros 10:00 0:00 Introduction Tutorial Organizers
10:00 1:15 Tutorial 1 Part 1 Tutorial 1: Sentiment Analysis Tutorial
11:15 0:15 Break
11:30 1:15 Tutorial 1 Part 2 Tutorial 1: Sentiment Analysis Tutorial
12:45 0:15 Break
13:00 1:15 Tutorial 2 Part 1 Tutorial 2: Trends in assessing digital skills and competencies
14:15 0:15 Break
14:30 1:15 Tutorial 2 Part 2 Tutorial 2: Trends in assessing digital skills and competencies
15:45 0:10 Break
15:55 1:00 Panel AIEd - AI Assisted Personalized Learning in Education
16:55 End of Panel

30 Oct

Session Chair Session topic Qatar Time GMT+3 Time (min) Presentation Authors (Presenter in Bold Font) Title
Raian Ali
10:00 0:15 Introduction BESC Organizers Welcome Note
10:15 1:00 Keynote Talk 1 (45+15) Prof. Christian Montag. Applying digital phenotyping and mobile sensing strategies to combat Internet Use Disorders
11:15 0:15 Break
Hao Chen Behaviour and Social Computing 11:30 0:10 Session-1 Talk 1 Jiyao Wang, Zhengnan Dong and Liyang Chen An Multi-Aspect Attentional Model To Capture Multistratal Influence In Social Group
11:40 0:10 Session-1 Talk 2 Sarah Hassaan, Mohammed Yaqot and Brenno Menezes Social Intelligent Computing: The Web Evolution and the Crowdsourcing Impact
Hao Chen Behaviour and Social Computing 11:50 0:10 Session-1 Talk 3 Brenno Menezes, Mohammed Yaqot, Robert Franzoi, Sarah Hassaan, Mustafa Abuladu, Adnan Al-Banna, Salman Ashkanani, Aisha Al-Hammadi and Tasabeh Ali Collective Intelligence Coordination and Cooperation in Teamed Part-Time and Full-Time Postgraduates
12:00 0:10 Session-1 Talk 4 Shiro Uesugi, Keishi Matsuda, Kazuaki Naruse and Masahiro Morita Behaviors of Online Learners: A Case Study
12:10 0:15 Break
Hongxu Chen Algorithms 12:25 0:10 Session-2 Talk 1 Mehmet Can Yavuz Analyses of Dramatic Network Simulations by Using Markov Chains
12:35 0:10 Session-2 Talk 2 Naixuan Wang, Jian Cao, Heng Huang, Yihua Ding and Qiang Ling A Strategy to Optimize the Timing of Prediction Information Release for Container Ships' Operation Process
12:45 0:10 Session-2 Talk 3 Ziyu Xu, Shunping Li and Yingxiu Hong Evaluation of Low-carbon Economic Development Level in Smart City Based on GA-BP Algorithm
12:55 0:10 Session-2 Talk 4 Sami Elzeiny and Marwa Qaraqe Ontology-Based Approach for Stress Management Using Blood Volume Pulse Spatial Images
13:05 0:35 Break
Xiaohui Tao Explainable AI 13:40 0:10 Session-3 Talk 1 Mohammad Naiseh, Reem Al-Mansoori, Dena Al-Thani, Nan Jiang and Raian Ali Nudging through Friction: an Approach for Calibrating Trust in Explainable AI
13:50 0:10 Session-3 Talk 2 Md Rafiqul Islam, Jiaming Zhang, Md. Hamjajul Ashmafee, Imran Razzak, Jianlong Zhou, Xianzhi Wang and Guandong Xu ExVis: Explainable Visual Decision Support System for Risk Management
14:00 0:10 Session-3 Talk 3 Jianlong Zhou, Sunny Verma, Mudit Mittal and Fang Chen Understanding Relations between Perception of Fairness and Trust in Algorithmic Decision Making
14:10 0:10 Break
Shiro Uesugi Social Behaviour 14:20 0:15 Session-4 Talk 1 Sanja Štajner, Seren Yenikent and Marc Franco Salvador Five Psycholinguistic Characteristics for Better Interaction with Users
14:35 0:15 Session-4 Talk 2 Ting Xue, Hongyu Sun, Jie Zhang and Yu Li Spatial Characteristics of Emotions in Disaster Areas and Non-disaster Areas : Use the Flood in Southern China as An Example
14:50 0:15 Session-4 Talk 3 Tiffany Skinner, Jacqui Taylor, Aftab Alam and Raian Ali Does Learning Method Matter in Cyber-Security Behaviour? Spaced Vs. Massed e-Learning
15:05 0:10 Break
Xiaopeng Ren Social Computing 15:15 0:15 Session-5 Talk 1 Peipei Wang and Lin Li Social Selection-Driven Group Inherent Modeling for Neural Group Recommendation
15:30 0:15 Session-5 Talk 2 Joni Salminen, Milica Milenkovic, Sercan Şengün, Soon-gyo Jung and Bernard J. Jansen Weaponizing Words: Analyzing Fake News Accusations Against Two Online News Channels
15:45 0:15 Session-5 Talk 3 Meenesh Solanki and Yash Mittra Using Twitter to measure the impact of immigration by studying people’s mood

31 Oct

Session Chair Topic Qatar Time GMT+3 Time (min) Presentation Authors (Presenter in Bold Font) Title
10:00 0:05 Welcome
Xujuan Zhou AI and Networks 10:05 0:15 Session-6 Talk 1 Takanobu Mizuta Do new investment strategies take existing strategies' returns - An investigation into agent-based models -
10:20 0:15 Session-6 Talk 2 Guangjun Li, Xianzhi Wangand Minxi Li A Review of Recent Trends and Industry Prospects for Artificial Intelligence Technologies
10:35 0:10 Break
Lin Li Economy and Cyber Security 11:00 0:10 Session-7 Talk 1 Takumi Kato Does the impression of the manufacturer brand color increase repurchase intention?
11:10 0:10 Session-7 Talk 2 Ziyu Xu, Shunping Li and Yingxiu Hong The Impact of Low-Carbon Economic Development on the Construction of Smart Cities: An Empirical Study Based on Technological Progress
11:20 0:10 Session-7 Talk 3 Eyad Marazqah Btoush, Xujuan Zhou, Raj Gururajan, Kc Chan and Xiaohui Tao A Survey On Credit Card Fraud Detection Techniques in Banking Industry for Cyber security
11:30 0:10 Break
Emily Arden Close Covid-19 and Social Computing 11:40 0:10 Special paper Session-8 Talk 1 Yi Zhao, Xinyi Xu and Xiaopeng Ren Covid-19 increased collectivistic expressions on People's Daily
11:50 0:15 Special paper Session-8 Talk 2 Hongyu Sun, Ting Xue and Qi Cui Facing COVID-19 in China and the US: Do we have the same emotions?*
12:05 0:10 Special paper Session-8 Talk 3 Qi-Xuan Ying, Hao Chen and Cheng Cheng Cultural Tightness Speeds up the Effects of Anti-epidemic Policies on Controlling COVID-19 Prevalence
12:15 0:15 Special paper Session-8 Talk 4 Meihan Du, Hao Chen and Cheng Cheng Predicting the Variations of Anti-Asian Attack across U.S. during the COVID-19 Pandemic with Socio-structural and Cultural Factors
12:15 0:10 Break
Wajdi Zaghouani Social Media Analytics 12:25 0:15 Session-9 Talk 1 Joni Salminen, Maria Jose Linarez, Soon-Gyo Jung and Bernard Jansen Online Hate Detection Systems: Challenges and Action Points for Developers, Data Scientists, and Researchers
12:40 0:15 Session-9 Talk 2 Asma Elfadl, Uzair Shah, Sadaqat Ur Rehman, Raian Ali and Zubair Shah News on Twitter: Engagement, Exposure and Estimating Credibility using Machine Learning
12:55 0:15 Session-9 Talk 3 Hyun Jung Kang and Iris Eshkol-Taravella Beyond the Polarities: Sentiment Analysis of French Restaurant Reviews Using BERT-based Models
13:10 0:35 Break
George Mikros Threats Detection 13:45 0:10 Session-10 Talk 1 Jialing Gu, Yi Tian, Yijun Jia and Richard O. Sinnott An Exploration of Machine and Deep Learning Models for Fake News Detection in Social Media
13:55 0:10 Session-10 Talk 2 Omar Alsodi, Xujuan Zhou, Raj Gururajan and Anup Shrestha A Survey on Detection cybersecurity threats on Twitter using deep learning.
14:05 0:10 Session-10 Talk 3 Alvaro Riascos, Juan Moreno, Mateo Dulce, Hernan Garcia and Sebastian Quintero Dynamic Network Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Crime Incidents
14:15 0:10 Break
Guandong Xu Social Media and Big Data 14:25 1:00 Keynote Talk 1 (45+15) Dr. Ingmar Weber Using Data of Billions of Social Media Users to Monitor Sustainable Development
15:25 0:15 Closing remarks and prizes BESC Organizers