Welcome to BESC 2015, Nanjing, China.

Registration Fee

Every accepted paper MUST have at least one FULL Registration before September 30, 2015, and MUST submit the camera-ready version before August 30, 2015.

Category Before Sep. 30, 2015 After Sep. 30, 2015 On-Site
Regular ACM/IEEE Member US $550/RMB 3500 US $650/RMB 4150 US $700/RMB 4500
Non ACM/IEEE Member US $650/ RMB ¥4150 US $750/RMB 4800 US $800/RMB 5100
Extra page Per extra page US $125/RMB 800
None AUTHOR ACM/IEEE Member US $150/RMB 950 US $250/RMB 1600 US $300/RMB 1900
Non ACM/IEEE Member US $250/RMB 1600 US $350/RMB 2250 US $400/RMB 2500


1. An author registration fee or a regular conference registration fee or a student conference registration fee covers (1) conference proceeding and program, (2) access to conference, special track sessions, and (3) coffee breaks, lunches and banquet.
2. Every conference/special track paper requires at least one conference regular registration. In cases that one author has multiple conference papers, one regular registration is needed, and each extra paper will cost USD 200 for a conference paper.
3. Author Registrations for conference papers MUST be done before Sep.30, 2015. Or the papers will be NOT included in the IEEE proceedings.
4. Students must submit a verification letter of full-time status from the department head of their institution.
5. For hotel reservation, please check accommodation link on the conference website.
     If you have any problems, please contact us by phone +86-025- 8349 3900 or Email:


1. 每篇录用的论文必须至少有一位作者完成常规注册。如果同一作者发表多篇论文,则只需要进行常规一次注册,其余篇论文每篇需另外缴纳RMB1400/USD200。如果同一篇文章有学生作者,且在每篇文章包含一个常规注册后,每位学生可支付RMB 2250/ USD 350注册费,学生注册需提供学生证复印件。
2. 会议常规注册费或学生注册费涵盖:(1)会议论文集、日程手册和小礼品;(2) 接待会、参与会议全程;(3)会议期间茶歇、午餐和晚餐。
3. 会议注册必须在2015年9月30日之前完成,否则论文将不被会议论文集IEEE 收录。
4. 有问题请联系:电话:+86-025-8349 3900,邮箱。

Credit Card Payment


You can click here to pay by foreign bank cards

Bank Transfer Payment

If you choose to make the registration by bank transfer, in order to accomplish the registration process, please perform the following action: - Fill the Conference Registration Form(English)- Make a copy of the receipt of bank transfer.

Please fax or email the above documents to the following:

Fax:+86-025-8349 3900
Tel:+86-025-8349 4883


BESC'15提供银行电汇支付方式,银行手续费须由汇款人承担。 银行电汇收据复印件连同此注册表一起传真或者电子邮件寄回。 请将注册费通过银行电汇至以下帐号:
         帐    号: 4301011219100159523

Registered abroad

Beneficiary Name: Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
       Account Number: 4301011219100159523
       Beneficiary Bank Name: Beneficiary Bank Name: The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Jiangsu P.C. Nanjing,Chahaerlu Branch
        Beneficiary Bank Address: NO. 248, Zhongshan North Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, PRC, 210003
        Swift Code: ICBKCNBJNJG
        Remittance Information: PAYMENT FOR BESC2015, TEL:86-025-8349 3900