Accepted papers

BESC main conference

Long paper

Sentiment Analysis based on Transfer Learning for Chinese Ancient Literature
Huidong Zhao, Bin Wu, Haoyu Wang and Chuan Shi
Maximum Likelihood Estimation Based DINA Model and Q-matrix Learning
Yuan Sun, Shiwei Ye, Huiyang Shi, Haobo Wang and Yi Sun
Value Estimates of Water Quality Improvement Using the Double Bounded Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Format: A Case Study for Yangtze River ,China
Zhijian Cai, Liyong Du, Zhan Jiang, Ling Zhang and Jiameng Yang
Link Formation in Undergraduate Students Friendship Network
Kun Zhao
On the importance of considering social capitalism when measuring influence on Twitter
Maximilien Danisch, Nicolas Dugué and Anthony Perez
Investigating Sentiment Impact on Information Propagation and its Evolution in Microblog
Zhitao Wang, Zhiwen Yu, Zhu Wang and Bin Guo.
Trends and Behavior of Developers in Open Collaborative Software Projects
Mohammad Allaho and Wang-Chien Lee
Geometric Brownian Motion with Ito’s lemma Approach to evaluate market fluctuations: A case study on Colombo Stock Exchange
R.M. Kapila Tharanga Rathnayaka, Wei Jianguo and D.M.K.N Seneviratna
Estimating the Incremental Effects of Interactions for Marketing Attribution
Ritwik Sinha, Shiv Saini and Anandhavelu Natarajan
The effect of finance leasing efficiency on the agency costs
Xiao Wang
Discrimination of China’s Stock Price Manipulation Based on Primary Component Analysis
Fengzhao Yang, Hang Yang and Menghan Yang

Short paper

Bivariate Probability-Based Anomaly Detection
Hua Lou and Ye Zhu
Reactive power optimization in regional grids by improved PSO algorithm
Dongmei Zhao, Pei Wang and Xu Zhang
Social Network of the Competing Crowd
Kai Lu, Wenjun Zhou and Xuehua Wang
A Model to Measure Inter-communication between Segregated Communities
Hussein Mohsen
Exploring Breaking News Information Sharing in Micro-blog: An Impulsive Framework
Jing Hong Yan and Zhenya Tang
Times makes heroes or heroes shape their times? The emotion relationship between elites and masses on micro-blogging
Kaisheng Lai, Hao Chen, Limin Qi, Weining Qian and Aoying Zhou
Observation of Tolerance in Dynamic Social Networks Using Mobile Phone Data
Yu Zhang
Context specific entity based modeling of organizational structures
Johannes Schick, Martin Kuboschek and Wolfram-Manfred Lippe
Six types of Terrorist Networks
Fatih Özgül and Chris Bowerman
Trading Volume, Realized Volatility and Signed Jump: Evidence Form China’s Stock Market
Tao Bi and Gong Cheng

BESC Special Sessions

Special Session BEBD

Discovering Evolving Political Vocabulary in Social Media
Aravindan Mahendiran, Wei Wang, Jaime Arredondo, Bert Huang, Lise Getoor, David Mares and Naren Ramakrishnan
The Speech Evaluation Method of English Phonetics Mobile Learning System
Xiao Jing and Luo Yong
Understanding the evolutionary dynamics and adaptation of complex networks
Alireza Abbasi
An Extension of Behavioral Decision Weight in RDEU with First-order Difference
Weibing Li and Yingchao Xie
A Real-time Detection for Traffic Surveillance Video Shaking
Yaoyao Niu
Research on the factors of transfer pricing of Chinese enterprises
Hui Cheng and Zhanxia Wu
The Automatic Indexing of Cooking Video By Using Caption-Recipe Alignment
Kyeong-Jin Oh, Myung-Duk Hong, Sang-Yong Sim and Geun-Sik Jo
Mediating effect of customer perception and social interactions on brand equity: automobile sector
Archana Singh, Ajay Rana and Jayanthi Ranjan

Special Session ACEE

Emotions and Economic Decision Making in Ultimatum Game Experiments: An Approach based on Artificial Emotional Agents
Shu-Heng Chen and Chia-Yang Lin
Formation of Tectonic Wave Networks: Dynamics of the Mexican Payment System Structure
Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova, Antoaneta Serguieva and Liliana Garcia-Ochoa
A Partial Differential Equation from Mathematical Ethics’ Operators of Zhēn Xiàng for Interpolating Computerized Behavioral Flux in Economics
Dallas Bell
Heterogeneity in Experienced-Weighted Attraction Learning and Its Relation to Cognitive Ability
Shu-Heng Chen and Ye-Rong Du
Supply uncertainty in commodity contracting —–An agent-based model
Tong Zhang and Yu Wu
An Experimentally Microfounded Agent-based Macroeconomic Model
Gianfranco Giulioni, Edgardo Bucciarelli, Marcello Silvestri and Paola D’Orazio

Special Session KACADMSS

A Meta-Ontology for Knowledge Acquisition and Exploitation of Collaborative Social Systems
Matthieu Lauras, Frédérick Bénaben, Sébastien Truptil, Lamothe Jacques, Guillaume Mace Ramete and Aurélie Montarnal.
Friend Recommendation of Microblog in Classification Framework: Using Multiple Social Behavior Features
Siyao Han and Yan Xu
Application of Supervised Learning in the Exploring Research on Employment Quality For College Graduates
Ting Wang
Comuptional Reasoning and Learning for Smart Manufacturing Under Realistic Conditions
Shuhui Qu, Raymond Jian, Tianshu Chu, Jie Wang, and Tian Tan
Secrets of Success: Innovation in the Silicon Valley
Ting Wang, Ling Wang, Tiffany Chen